Engereus offers the highest quality parts and components solutions, competitive prices, outstanding customer support, and reliable delivery to different sectors.
We count on 27 machines for processes up to 250 tons to develop and manufacture technical stamped parts in steel, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, brass, and paper. We manufacture plain and with spurt, as well as auto threading. This consolidates our expertise and high technology on stamp industry (we are the market reference for silver contacts.
Engereus offers complete solutions in the production of plastic injected parts for a wide range of applications and materials such as nylon, polyoxymethylene, SAN, PP, ABS, and others. We have 4 (four) machines capable of producing up to 150 tons.
Our expertise on manufacturing and production of electromechanical sets and generic subsets allows us to offer tailored and innovative solutions to our clients, assuring them high levels of quality and durability.
Engereus has 5 (five) paint cabins and is able to offer a wide portfolio of paint. Engereus develops spray gun painted parts, guarantying uniform surface color application especially on parts full of details. Our lab is continuously developing partnerships with paint manufacturers to find special paints that are heat and abrasion resistant.
Engereus has a modern tooling shop, which occupies 400 sq/meters, to develop stamps and molds. Our tooling department has all the necessary resources to efficiently build any high efficiency tool needed to guarantee a high quality final product and production stability.

Nowadays, we have three OKUMA and DMG 05 (five) axis high speed machining centers, 2 (two) EDM wired machines SODICK and 1 (one) CNC EDM by penetration SODICK machine and many other support equipment, as well as 4 (four) project stations using TOPSOLID software.
Striving to offer complete and tailored solutions to the industry, Engereus develops integrated activities to optimize production and increase the cost-benefit relationship. Our development department is responsible for creating, planning, tray-out, testing, and implementation of new products and/or raw materials. Each activity aims to satisfy our clients’ demands. Our labs use equipment such as: Digital oscillator, infrared meter, a Watts meter, tension meter, and others.

Engereus do Brasil

Street Danilo Valbuza, 445 - Laranjeiras
Caieiras - SP
Phone + 55 11 4441.8100
Fax + 55 11 4441.8100 - Ext. 213

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